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A random selection of images to give a flavour of the walks and scenery that we enjoy.

'Fields, Fells and Fellowship'

A welcome for guests, visitors and other non-members


All those planning to walk with the Club either as guests of current members, or visitors or anyone wishing to 'try us out' prior to signing up as a member should refer to the notes on this page.

We offer a warm welcome to guests, visitors and others who wish to 'try us out' prior to possible membership. Please see the notes below but please also refer back to this paragraph. We try to ensure that you will enjoy and be comfortable on your first walks with the Club. We ask that if you are not a member you should complete and return a proforma giving us your contact details and confirming that you have received the details of your chosen walk. To do this please see the link to the left on this page (Walks for non-members)


Please note:

1. All countryside walking is hazardous to a certain degree, with trips and falls being the commonest type of incident.

2. The Club aims to provide an outline as to the nature of each walk and to flag up unusual or exceptional hazards.

3. All walkers join our groups at their own risk.

4. Please refer to our GDPR statement on the Data Privacy page and please also note that we often take photographs of the scenery and of the walking group for our 'Members' Gallery'. If you do not wish to be included in any such photographs then please inform the walk leader. Our Guidelines for photographs on the Members' Gallery are here.


If you are considering joining the Manor Walking Club it makes sense to read about what we have to offer and to have a word with our membership secretary. We can suggest a suitable walk for you to join in order to try us out and we will alert the walk leader. Use our 'Contact us' page. Our website should also be consulted by visitors or guests of members.

Our website includes a lot of information about what you might need in order to walk safely and in comfort but any of the committee members will be pleased to offer additional advice if you require it.

You might be wondering about the level of fitness required. We have provided some pointers as follows :-

If you look at our programme, you will see that the walks are graded A to D.  The D walks are short walks normally very local to the Wirral, generally no longer than about 4 miles - Thurstston Common for example. For a C grade walk, think in terms of Delamere Forest, the Sandstone Trail, and the Peckforton Hills. For a B grade walk, think in terms of the stiffer hauls over Moel Fammau and the Clwydian range. The A grade walks are often in Snowdonia on the Glyders, Carneddau and Snowdon itself . The A grade walks might involve some simple scrambling or boulder climbing, but they are not usually precipitous. The walk description will make it clear.

The walks are typically between 6 and 13 miles long. For most walks, over a mixed terrain, the groups average about 2 miles per hour including all breaks. Therefore for the longer walks you need to get used to being out and about walking for four to six hours, of which all but about 45 minutes will be walking. The pace is 'steady', enabling conversation to take place. Walks on the programme have normally been reconnoitred by the leader to ensure they fit within the grading system, and leaders will always flag up any significant scrambling and/or exposure. If you are in doubt as to your capabilities for a walk please contact a committee member or the walk leader to discuss any concerns.

If you decide to join the Club then please complete the proforma on the 'Join us' page. Our membership secretary will then be in touch to arrange payment of the annual subscription.