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Manor Walking Club

Countryside, hill and mountain walking

Gallery Guidelines

1. Items for inclusion could include photographs or notes with additional information

2. Either e-mail the item or give it to the webmaster

3. Digital images need not be compressed unless it is a requirement for the sender. The images will be compressed prior to uploading, and repeated compression reduces picture quality.

4. Items in the Gallery will normally be kept on the website for about a year unless there is a specific request for an extension to this period.

5. Experience has found that duplicates of views tend to be sent in, and so the choice of picture to upload will be at the discretion of the webmaster.


6. Names of Club members should not be included in any material submitted - such information will not be put on the website.

7. Would Club members who take photographs please establish whether other Club members in the photographs agree to their images being placed in the Gallery on the Club website .

8. If the webmaster receives photographs for inclusion in the Gallery it will be assumed that the relevant agreements have been obtained by the photographer.

9. Images which have the potential to cause offence or embarrassment will not be included.

<strong style=" open>Technical

Please would photographers ensure that the time and date is set correctly on their cameras. This is to enable the images to be shown on a web page in chronological order for a walk, making it more meaningful for the viewer.